PASS BA Conference: Announcing my R and Hadoop session

I'm delighted to announce that I will be presenting at the PASS Business Analytics Conference in May 5 - 7 in San Jose, California.

If you are looking for a discount, here is a code to get $150 dollars off: BASF2O and to Register click here:

How can you determine your organization's “secret sauce”? Data scientists and business analysts need a way of combining the scalability of Big Data with the ability to conduct extensive data analysis to find the key ingredients to your company’s unique value propositions hidden in the enterprise data.

In my session, we will look at R, the world's favorite free data analysis tool, and HDInsight, which is Microsoft's distribution of Hadoop. We will also look at an end-to-end solution to see how to discover key business strengths based on the data. We will then visualize the results in Microsoft's latest Business Intelligence toolset, Power BI.

Big Data is not just  about storing massive amounts of data in a common database; it is a force of change for the organization. This means we have to consider the collective capabilities of the platform to serve the business - from data source to secret sauce - to help the organization make data-driven decisions that drive the enterprise forward.

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