Webinar: Founders and Entrepreneurs Guide to setting up a Data Analytics Foundation

How can founders and entrepreneurs work on producing a data foundation as they scale up? Business metrics guide founders and decision-makers to make the right call to push their ventures towards their goals. In the initial launch of a startup, the focus tends to be on revenue and profits. However, if a startup wants to scale up, it is important to broaden what metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are monitored at each stage so that they can grow the business by using data instead of just intuition.

Stillness is the Key Book Review


Stillness Is the Key by Ryan Holiday My rating: 5 of 5 stars I chose this book because I’m becoming increasingly interested in meditation, and I thought that this might help me to understand more about the general domain. We have to make space in our lives for stillness. Leaders make time for it. Jesus … Continue reading Stillness is the Key Book Review

Intro to R and Power BI Presentation and a Presenting Secret

Curious about Power BI secret

I was all set to present this session at the European Collaboration Summit in November 2021, but the organizers, well, God only knows what happened there but here is a guess. o, I was sorry not to be able to present the session but my plane was all organized and I could not change it … Continue reading Intro to R and Power BI Presentation and a Presenting Secret

7 ‘C’s of Automation with Power Platform

Don’t know where to start on your Power Platform journey? How can you help your company to evolve, adapt and succeed using Microsoft’s Power Platform to stay at the forefront of the competition, and win the race to success? What are the benefits that the future of technology could bring to you and our organisations, right now? In this post, we’ve collected together our essential list of 7 ‘C’s to help give you a quick start with Power Platform solutions.

What’s wrong with the term data literacy? Here’s an alternative

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaffrgUWooE Data Literacy is another buzzword that gives me some discomfort. I prefer the term data fluency, and I’ll explain why later. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some context on why I dislike the term data literacy because it hides much wider questions and problems. I don’t think data literacy is a very … Continue reading What’s wrong with the term data literacy? Here’s an alternative

The Janusian conflict between the CISO and the DPO

The CISO is often said to have two overriding fears: everyone who works for the company…. and everyone who doesn’t. By contrast, the DPO looks at data through the lens of the individual. Under GDPR, companies must have a DPO if they collect, store, process or share sensitive personal data or extensive volumes of personal data. There is a conflict between these roles, however, and this post suggests ways to resolve the issues.