PASS VP of Marketing Denise McInerney talks PASS BA Conference and 24 hour free online webinar series

Here is a Channel 9 Podcast about the PASS BA Conference and our free 24 hour online webinar event, presented with Blain Barton with Denise McInerney, PASS Vice President of Marketing and data engineer at Intuit.

Blain and Denise discuss the upcoming PASS Business Analytics Conference and the 24 hours of free online business analytics webcasts previewing the event on February 5th. Tune as they chat about the ins and outs of both events from why you should attend, what makes BA so important in today’s data enriched world and how you can register for both.

In case you’d missed it, I have a discount code to hand out because i’m privileged to be speaking at the event. 
If you are looking for a discount, here is a code to get $150 dollars off: BASF2O and to Register click here.

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