Business Intelligence

The Janusian conflict between the CISO and the DPO

The CISO is often said to have two overriding fears: everyone who works for the company…. and everyone who doesn’t. By contrast, the DPO looks at data through the lens of the individual. Under GDPR, companies must have a DPO if they collect, store, process or share sensitive personal data or extensive volumes of personal data. There is a conflict between these roles, however, and this post suggests ways to resolve the issues.

Women In Tech

Why 2020 wasn’t all bad, and moving forward

The thing with hitting rock bottom is that it gives you a strong foundation to build on. It strips away the inessential, the distractions, and the toxic people and situations that are not helping you to be directed towards your goals. It also gives you more empathy, and it forces you to have faith in your own resourcefulness and abilities. 2020 helped us to do that, with 2020 vision. For those who survived, let's lift up others as we go along.

Business Intelligence

Delivering Power Platform Projects: Truths from the Field

I have successfully delivered a number of Power Platform Projects for nearly a year now. Even though I am no longer a Microsoft MVP, I still work hands-on with Microsoft products as well as providing more strategic thought leadership to business leaders. The current blog forms a summary of what's good, and what's not so good, about working with Power Platform projects.