Dashboards, reports and data visualisations provide a range of information, from quick insights into the state of the business to in-depth, predictive analytics.

Data Build

Our Principal, Jen Stirrup, has authored a number of books on Tableau as well as delivered reporting assets for organizations such as the NHS, the University of Bristol and various UK Government departments.

Based on business priorities, business metrics could be developed in two-week sprints to build iterative success over a period of time. The sprints could appear as follows:

  • Select business metric from the backlog
  • Extract data from the source
  • Link records through keys
  • Logically model any new entities/attributes
  • Power BI Build
  • Formal Testing
  • Defect fix where necessary but the testing strategy should reduce error at this point

We want to support your business to:

  • deliver customised training and consultancy as and when required
  • build actionable dashboards using data that is the intellectual property of your organisation.
  • Present ‘Q & A’s to key stakeholders to feedback findings, and provide team members with the opportunity to ask questions

The brief is to help your organisation to be successful with your data. The focus will be on best practices in data architecture and data visualization, with the objective of helping your data to have a sustainable impact. There is a focus on longevity and reduction of technical debt by ingesting, shaping, cleaning and visualizing data with respect to the foundation of established data architecture frameworks as a target.

The activities will use Microsoft technologies such as AI, Tableau and/or Power BI.   The work involves preparation, onsite work, and post-site work such as handover, documentation and follow-up questions.

We are available remotely during the GMT and PST Time zones for calls, and these can take place over the weekend as well as normal working hours. We recognize that time is short, and we are keen to maximize the success of the project.


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