Jennifer Stirrup's Story

Jennifer Stirrup is one of the most influential data strategists and visionaries in the world today. Jennifer is a Fortune 100 international speaker and has been named as one of the Top 50 Global Data Visionaries, one of the Top Data Scientists to follow on Twitter and one of the most influential Top 50 Women in Technology worldwide.

Jennifer holds an MBA as well as two other postgraduate degrees in AI and Cognitive Science. She has authored 3 books in data and artificial intelligence has been featured on CBS Interactive and the BBC as well as other well-known podcasts, such as Digital Disrupted, Run As Radio and her own Make Your Data Work webinar series. She has been described as helping the NHS to take a leap of faith with their technology to innovate with their data.

Jennifer has been featured on the BBC and CBS Interactive discussing major issues surrounding AI and data science. She has also given keynotes at public and private events, along with colleges and universities. Jennifer delivers keynotes about AI Leadership, Diversity in Technology, Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence. All of her keynotes are based on her two decades plus years of global experience, dedication and hard work.

Jennifer is a life-long learner who learned to code when she was eight years old. She majored in Psychology at Glasgow University and decided to follow her passion for AI by achieving a postgraduate degree from Aberdeen University, spending some of her time at the Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie Paris XI in Paris, now part of the Sorbonne University. To further enhance her extensive knowledge, she completed another post-graduate degree at the University of Birmingham in Cognitive Science.

Throughout her career, Jen combined skills in business, technology and leadership, something that has held her in good stead ever since. Having worked for another consulting firm in the 2000s, Jen changed direction in 2010 to fulfil a lifelong ambition to run her own consulting business; so, Data Relish was founded in 2010. She brought her expertise to help large organisations such as the NHS, Manpower, and Vodafone. Jen gives back by donating her expertise to charities and non-profits as a Non-Executive Director.

Vision & Mission

Jennifer offers premier boutique consultancy by helping customers derive business value from their data and lift their bottom line. Let’s use Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence technologies to make your data work. Serving the needs of organisational efficiency and facilitating better decision making, we look to put the ‘Business’ back into ‘Business Intelligence’. Jennifer’s mission is delivering value through data with trust, understanding and care.

Jennifer prides herself on our confidence as trusted advisors, and have proven AI, BI, Big Data and Data Science consulting and delivery expertise for a quarter of a century. Delivering complex projects on time and on budget worldwide is standard for us, for small and large enterprises alike. She works with organisations with a range of data maturity and AI maturity levels, from greenfield sites through to large organisations that need help with a data strategy to become more data-driven while making use of Big Data sources to support Big Data Analytics.


Creating change, especially in a digital world, takes more than vision on its own. To bring that vision to fruition, let’s collaborate on a journey to support your operational and executive leadership decision-making. A data culture cannot be separated from your organizational culture.


You can trust us to collaborate with your business and technology teams, since your success is our success. Insightful data-driven communication and science-based data visualisation accounts for the competing priorities between business teams to find the best fitting solution for everyone.


Organizations look for AI automation that enhances business value and productivity while eliminating distractions that ultimately cost money and time. Individual milestones will bring steady improvement as we all move to transformative outcomes.


Data is an asset that your organization already owns, and we can bring our over two-decades of experience to translate your vision to value. Let’s make a commitment to making your data work, and that means transferring our knowledge and expertise to you and your teams.


When it comes to using technology to be better, smarter, and more productive, Jennifer Stirrup is your gal. She is a visionary who turns meaningless data into meaningful impact.
Karen Putz
14X Author, International Speaker, and Executive Life Coach, Co-Owner of Diversity Academy
Jennifer is authentic and passionate in her field of data technology. A leader and visionary, she is paving the way in an emerging industry for women. With her courageous, caring, and supportive nature; she is changing the world for the next generation.
Aaron Tam
Founder and Host of the First Generations Podcast
Implementation skills, eye for detail and focus on delivering excellent customer satisfaction both in terms of the solution delivery and relationship building with our customers ensured customer delight and ongoing customer advocacy.
Director Of Solution Engineering
Global CRM Solution Provider
Jennifer Stirrup helped us to take a leap of faith with our data. We had the skills individually, but Jen helped us to take the leap of faith.
Director Of Digital Innovation
What was really impressive was the ability to combine a deep technical understanding of the technology, a real ability to bring others with her and build capability and the vision for how data can be used to make a difference.
Director of Transformation
Jennifer both conceptually and technically comprehends data engineering to science and what is needed to bring transformation in both realms.
Aviation Industry

Awards & Recognition

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