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How AI Happens Podcast

How AI Happens

Healthy data culture and practices are essential for modern businesses. They promote informed decision-making, efficiency, innovation, and accountability while helping organizations stay competitive and adaptable in a data-driven world. In this episode, we tackle the age-old struggle many companies face: how to unleash the potential of data while overcoming the hurdles that stand in the way of building a truly healthy data culture. To help us navigate this topic is Jennifer Stirrup, a distinguished expert in artificial intelligence, business intelligence, big data, and data visualization solutions.

How to effectively run your business in 2022

In the 60 minutes of this panel discussion, you will have an understanding of security, mobility, and manageability and how they impact the world we work in, which is constantly evolving.

Have you imagined what it would be like to have four experts talking about the way to run your business with efficiency? Four industry experts Jennifer Stirrup, Bill Mew, Ian Moyse, and Jane Frankland. Let’s have a look at their respective roles and responsibilities with various organisations.

Jennifer talks about the multiple biases and how business leaders need to recognise and care for them while helping their team members. We also discussed cloud mobility solutions.

Blackberry Cylance: How the Power of AI Can Prevent Security Threats

Security threats are inevitable within organisations. Therefore, our security systems must be adequate enough to prevent them. Above all, we must work with these systems to ensure our businesses stay focused. Artificial intelligence (AI) is surfacing as a means to achieve these goals. In this episode of Data Transforming Business, Jen Stirrup, Director at Data Relish, speaks with Brian Robison, Chief Evangelist at Blackberry Cylance. Firstly, Brian introduces how Blackberry Cylance utilises AI to eliminate security distractions. In particular, he discusses the AI ‘brain’ and how it can predict and determine whether a file is ‘bad’. Further to this, Brian demonstrates the direct and indirect benefits of AI solutions and the end-user impact. Brian also discusses the risks associated with AI, emphasising that humans are responsible for the intent behind it.

 AI Delivery Challenges & Opportunities

The talk focused on AI Leadership and Delivery. We discuss aspects of data challenges and opportunities for SME organisations. We highlight the importance of understanding your data and the concept of no regrets projects. Jen has an amazing list of industry awards and a thought leader in the space of data and analytics.

Interview with Jennifer Stirrup

MyOnalytica is the world’s largest B2B influencer marketplace.

Panel Discussion: The Road to a Data-Driven Business

Join Jenn Stirrup (Director, DataRelish), Gordon Tredgold (CEO & Founder, Leadership Principles LLC), Joanna Schloss (Data Expert) and Lyndsay Wise (Solution Director, Information Builders) as they discuss what it takes to take a business from needing analytics to leveraging analytics successfully.

Big Squid: Moving from Data Warehousing Towards Customer-Centred Analytics and AI

An increasing desire is surfacing among organisations to transition from business intelligence to predictive analytics and AI. However, some companies are unsure how to make that jump. Nevertheless, with customer centricity becoming more important than ever, organisations need to get ahead in the AI game for a quicker route to insights.

Joining us in this episode of Data Transforming Business is Chris Knoch, CEO at Big Squid, to lend his expertise on the matter. Speaking with Jen Stirrup, Director at Data Relish, Chris shares his advice on how to start a new analytics initiative. Chris also outlines the potential challenges of making this journey. Furthermore, he details how to gauge whether companies are ‘getting it right’. Chris then goes on to discuss overcoming ‘analytics paralysis’.

Immuta: Reconciling and Balancing Business Needs for Data

Reconciling and balancing business needs for data with IT and governance requirements on security and privacy are pressing matters in the data space. Data privacy and enforcement must work together, but at the speed of the business. Thus, there are a number of considerations for achieving this and heightening protection.

Here to lend their expertise on the matter are Steven Touw, Co-Founder and CTO, and Andrew Burt, Chief Privacy Officer and Legal Engineer, both at Immuta. Firstly, they explore the guardianship of data falling to IT, governance, and security. Then, the conversation steers into the challenges faced in helping data scientists, data owners, and governance teams work together. They also delve into the pressing topic of compliance with frameworks such as CCPA. Steven and Andrew also guide organisations through how to keep up when managing a variety of frameworks.

Aerospike: Real-Time Data Races to the Cloud

Predictions indicate that within three years, 75% of all databases will be in the cloud. As this becomes the new norm, companies worldwide are racing to get in on the cloud-based action. However, the need to be in the cloud is manifesting as an aggressive endeavour for many organisations. As well as this, real-time data has also risen to the surface as a necessity. These factors are certain to affect every industry.

In light of this, Jen Stirrup speaks with Bill Odell and Lenley Hensarling, CMO and CSO at Aerospike respectively, to find out their thoughts on the matter. In particular, they detail the main challenges enterprises face in their data transformation journey. Furthermore, they lend their expertise in distinguishing between hybrid and multi-cloud. As well as this, they outline the roadmap companies on their data transformation journey should take.

Is Excel damaging your company? Richard talks with Jen Stirrup about how Excel gets used far too much in businesses and for too many things. Jen talks about the lack of data integrity in Excel and how it’s easy to make small mistakes that can damage data – and give you little to no methods to detect the damage! While Excel can often be a starting point for a new business opportunity, as soon as it becomes essential, it’s time to pivot to tools that can protect data quality more effectively! Don’t let your company be the next news story about a flawed spreadsheet!

Data is eating the world and every industry is impacted.

In most modern businesses, customer and employee activities create a plethora of data points and information that can be analysed and interpreted to make better decisions for the business and its customers.

Unfortunately, this sounds a lot easier than it is. Despite the huge mountains of data being created, many organisations struggle to get their business intelligence to serve them in the best way. This is not due to a shortage of reports and dashboard floating around – in many cases there are too many ways to get an answer to the same question.

So, why are so many organisations lacking good BI and what should they do about it?

I recently spoke to Jen Stirrup to get an answer to this question and many more relating to producing and consuming business intelligence effectively.

When Jen Stirrup speaks, she speaks softly. The meaning of her words, however, speak loudly! Jen is CEO of Data Relish, a UK-based consultancy that delivers real business value by solving all manner of business challenges using data. You don’t earn the nickname the Data Whisperer without knowing a great deal about Business Intelligence and AI, and Jen certainly knows not only those topics but SO much more!

This week Jen Stirrup, founder of Data Relish joins Allison Hartsoe in the Accelerator. If you don’t know Jen’s work in the AI space, you should. She is an advocate for human-centered artificial intelligence which is better explained as augmented intelligence. The question we explore this week is how can AI augment our own roles such that we behave more intelligently in customer interactions.

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