My PowerBI Contest Entry: it is not your belt rank that matters but the legacy you leave

“In martial arts it is not your belt rank that matters but the legacy you leave.” – Grandmaster CK Leow, Founder, Moodukkwan Malaysia

It’s the voting round in the Power BI contest.  I would ask you to please vote… but not necessarily for me. I mean for any and all of the participants who took the time and effort to create Power BI contest entries.

In my opinion, entering the competition wasn’t just about being clever with Power BI, communication skills in explaining it well, and the diligence and time management to squeeze it all in on time. It was also about self-discipline in learning the new software, and challenging yourself to do it. On this, I think every entrant was a winner.

I’m not a fan of competitions where the loudest voice is the winner, and I’m no fan of relentless self-promotion either. I don’t do competition… I do collaboration. I take the long view that collaboration and teamwork wins out in the end, and competition usually means I disengage. Like The Art of War by Sun Tzu, sometimes you have to stand back and let them roll by. Conserve energy for what is really important.

For me, I entered the competition to share my knowledge with other people, and also to get to play with some meteorite data which I enjoy. I could also talk about some data visualisation principles as part of a training exercise, and I was happy with simply sharing the joy of data! Due to this, I’m going to point out my favourite entries below. These are not my entries, but are entries that I particularly enjoyed.


For closure, my video is below and I hope that you enjoy it, regardless of whether you vote for it or not.
 My emphasis was on training rather than on doing something flashy because I think that meets more of a community need to learn about PowerBI, and my guess is that the competition was a great way for a lot of people to learn about the software whilst having some fun along the way.
The ‘Flashy versus Few’ debate continues elsewhere, but if someone learns anything from my video, I’ll be happy with that!


3 thoughts on “My PowerBI Contest Entry: it is not your belt rank that matters but the legacy you leave

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