A Data Strategy will facilitate informed data-driven business decisions. This develops and advances a data culture embedded within the organization, while delivering business-defined value.

A Data Strategy will:

  • develop a strategic vision of the role of data in your organization.
  • design a credible roadmap and a compass to make the most of data for the business
  • support a sustainable data culture to provide a compass to help direct ethics.
  • give you a jumpstart to a set of initial deliverables to help you to prioritize.
  • generate velocity towards your new data future to obtain a single version of the truth
  • distinguish new opportunities with data to help provide sustainable, long-term results.

The first step is to review current processes within the business for data acquisition, data governance, data ethics, and data quality. Then, the focus moves on creating a data journey for your business that allows for growth in data culture, and innovation is essential for success. Therefore, at Data Relish, we follow established international standards using the DAMA-DMBoK (Data Management Book of Knowledge) for the Data Strategy service.

Each strategy is unique, but it broadly follows a set of data principles:

  • Delivering support to the business vision, objectives, and priorities using data.
  • Collaborating to produce an IT Requirements & Technology Plan
  • High-level technical architecture and data architecture to reconcile IT requirements with business requirements
  • Devising a Business Case
  • Planning data ownership and data governance review in line with a data lifecycle
  • Designing Roles & Responsibilities aimed at agile delivery using a RACI / FRACI approach to produce a training plan for your teams, including data literacy
  • Technology matrix to compare and contrast different technology choices to facilitate your technology choice. 


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