Meteorite Findings Analysis with PowerBI

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Recordings of meteorite findings go back for millennia, to the first recording sighting of Masanderan, in the year in Iran, right through to NWA 8055 which was found in January 2014, Africa.
How can we cleanse and standardise this mix of messy, millennia-old data right through to recent data, in order to make sense of it? In this brief screencast, we use a range of PowerBI tools to analyse Meteorite data using its type, location and the manner in which the meteorite was discovered.

Once the data is in Power Pivot, we can visualise the data in Power View. Here, we create a meteorite dashboard to show the location, data and the timeline for meteorite findings by their type. This was great fun to do, and it was a pity I was limited to a ten minutes video, but we managed to squeeze in an end-to-end solution in that brief time using Power BI.

The data is extremely interesting and the Power BI tools are great fun!

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