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Webinar: Founders and Entrepreneurs Guide to setting up a Data Analytics Foundation

How can founders and entrepreneurs work on producing a data foundation as they scale up? Business metrics guide founders and decision-makers to make the right call to push their ventures towards their goals. In the initial launch of a startup, the focus tends to be on revenue and profits. However, if a startup wants to scale up, it is important to broaden what metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are monitored at each stage so that they can grow the business by using data instead of just intuition.

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Levelling the Playing Field No Code webinar today!

Join me today! I'm thrilled to be joining No Code Labs for a webinar on how No Code can improve career prospects, particularly in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. This topic is close to my heart and I've previously blogged about it here. It is great to be working with strong female leadership in… Continue reading Levelling the Playing Field No Code webinar today!

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AzureML and CRISP-DM – a Framework to help the Business Intelligence professional move to AI

Azure ML can become a part of the data ecosystem in an organization, but this requires a mindshift from working with Business Intelligence to more advanced analytics. How can we can adopt a mindshift from Business Intelligence to advanced analytics using Azure ML? Although CRISP-DM is not perfect, the CRISP-DM framework offers a pathway for machine learning using AzureML.

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SQLBits: The Data Lifecycle: Decision making with data in Power BI and Fast Focus: Azure Notebooks for Artificial Intelligence

SQLBits Business Intelligence presentation. Data can be viewed as having a product lifecycle, where it can be collected, analysed, visualized, utilized and then monetized. In this session, aimed at business intelligence leaders, we will look at generating ideas and formulating a strategy that could benefit your organization by adding information as an asset to the organization.

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I’m speaking at #ITDevConnections 2018!

I'm speaking at #ITDevConnections 2018! Join me in Dallas and learn on topics such as: Blockchain Demystified for Business Intelligence Professionals Data Analytics with Azure Cosmos Schema-less Data and Power BI R in Power BI for Absolute Beginners There is also a Women in Technology lunch and I'm excited about that, too! Join me in… Continue reading I’m speaking at #ITDevConnections 2018!

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PASS Business Analytics Day, Jan 11, Chicago

PASS’ first Business Analytics Day, which will be held in Chicago on January 11, 2017. You can choose one of two full-day, in-depth sessions for $595: In-Database Analytics with R and SQL Server 2016 and Mastering Power BI Solutions. These are unique learning opportunities to get more advanced in R or data visualization with Power BI. And as… Continue reading PASS Business Analytics Day, Jan 11, Chicago

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WPC Day One: Translating Digital Transformation into Solutions

I blogged over at my 'official' company blog about strategic considerations regarding Digital Transformation. There is a lot of messaging directed at sales, partners and CEO level conversations. For the techies, however, how does the strategy translate into a technical implementation that you can actually deliver, to facilitate Digital Transformation within the organisation? In other… Continue reading WPC Day One: Translating Digital Transformation into Solutions