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SQLBits: The Data Lifecycle: Decision making with data in Power BI and Fast Focus: Azure Notebooks for Artificial Intelligence

I’m delighted to be presenting two sessions at SQLBits, taking place between 31st March and 4th April 2020 at the Excel London site. Here are the abstracts. I look forward to seeing you there! Credit to Jill Wellington for the graphic used here.

The Data Lifecycle: Decision making with data in Power BI

Data can be viewed as having a product lifecycle, where it can be collected, analysed, visualized, utilized and then monetized. In this session, aimed at business intelligence leaders, we will look at generating ideas and formulating a strategy that could benefit your organization by adding information as an asset to the organization. The triangle of people, process and technology is tired; organizations need to put information at the front-and-centre of their strategy.

In this session, attendees will walk through the journey of perceiving their data in a different way. Using Power BI, we will look at important accounting figures that management consider when making decisions, and look at their interpretation. This session is focused more on the destination of the data, rather than the journey.

Fast Focus: Azure Notebooks for Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft provides a cloud hosted Jupyter Notebook solution with Azure Notebooks, which offer minimal overhead and opportunities for collaboration. Azure Notebooks provides execution environments for Python 2, Python 3, F#, and R. In this Fast Focus session, you will learn about the power and flexibility of Azure Notebooks, see them in action, and why it’s useful to run them on Microsoft Azure.

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