Levelling the Playing Field No Code webinar today!

Jennifer Stirrup Webinar

Join me today! I’m thrilled to be joining No Code Labs for a webinar on how No Code can improve career prospects, particularly in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. This topic is close to my heart and I’ve previously blogged about it here. It is great to be working with strong female leadership in tech organizations because there is such a strong emphasis on doing good for others, and I’m glad to have connected with these inspiring individuals in my network.

📢 Dominic Norton (Twitter) is the Founder of http://missingblackpeople.com which is a no code site that raises awareness of appeals for missing black people. Dominic has a good insight into startups and no code, and I’m excited about the impact that Dominic’s work has on missing black people and their families.

📢 Greg Smith (Twitter) part of the GoFundMe founding team, Greg found his tribe at the convergence of Biz Ops and no code.

📢 Gio Kakhiani (Twitter) is changing the world by helping you to become a better Bubble developer. Check out his site here, joining over one and a half million Bubble users to build no code sites.

📢 Georgia Halston (Twitter) and 📢 Zandra Moore (Twitter) are founders of No Code Lab and they are phenomenally inspiring in the work that they are doing to power No Code for good efforts. They are truly breaking down the no code barrier for everyone and bringing together innovators. Check out the No Code Lab site here.

Even more excitingly, the event is proud to be part of the IT Mod Week! 🙌🏽 It’s great news that the Levelling the Playing Field online webinar is part of the ITModWeek which has been kindly pulled together by the Scoop News Group.

The event is kindly hosted by No Code Lab and I’m honoured to be discussing with these inspirational people so I’d recommend you join us. Details below!


🕓4pm GMT

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