Intro to R and Power BI Presentation and a Presenting Secret

Curious about Power BI secret

I was all set to present this session at the European Collaboration Summit in November 2021, but the organizers, well, God only knows what happened there but here is a guess. o, I was sorry not to be able to present the session but my plane was all organized and I could not change it at the last moment. For those of you who said you were going to attend my session, I can only apologize.

In this session, we will start R right from the beginning, from installing R through to data transformation and integration, through to visualizing data by using R in PowerBI. Then, we will move towards powerful but simple to use datatypes in R such as data frames. We will also upgrade our data analysis skills by looking at Rdata transformation using a powerful set of tools to make things simple: the tidyverse. Then, we will look at integrating our R work into Power BI, and visualizing our data using beautiful visualizations with R and Power BI. Finally, we will share our work by publishing our Power BI project, with our R code, to the Power BI service. We will also look at refreshing our dataset so that our new dashboard has refreshed data.

This session is aimed at getting beginners up to speed as gently and quickly as possible. Join this session if you are curious about R and want to know more. If you are already a Power BI expert, join this session to open up a whole new world of Power BI to add toyour skill set. If you are new to Power BI, you will still get value from this session since you’ll be able to see a Power BI dashboard being built in an end-to-end solution.

Presenting Secret for you – here’s a preparation tip for audience success!

As an aside, you may notice that the deck is actually fairly long for a 50-minute session. That’s because I normally produce three sessions for every session that I deliver; I do a beginner, intermediate and advanced slide deck so it is actually three decks in one deck. Even though this was set as a beginner session, I thought I should also prepare just in case the audience were not beginners. I do gauge the audience level of experience at the start of sessions, and I can fast forward or reverse to the right sections in order to meet the audience’s needs. It means that my sessions are always different even if the abstracts are the same or similar, and I don’t know exactly how it is going to go until I step up on the stage. At the same time, if the room is large and there are a lot of people, it’s not always easy to work out the audience’s average level of experience. In that case, I start off at the beginner level, and then I try to work out if I’m boring the audience. If so, then I fast forward to the intermediate section. If I am still boring the audience, then I can zip ahead to the more advanced material.

I hope it is useful. I am sorry that I didn’t get to do my session but here are the decks.

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