Fancy a free online informal get-together to write abstracts and share feedback?

gathering room

I’ll be online on 1.15pm until 2pm GMT on Tuesday 16th November in my Orbital Galaxy online virtual co-working area. I’m setting aside the time to write abstracts and get my stuff together to make presentation submissions. These activities involve writing and updating my bio, sorting out my photos, and any other supporting pieces of information. I’m getting together my materials for keynote submissions next year and I really need to just sit myself down and do it, so this is a way of helping myself to carve out time to make it happen before time just slides by (no pun intended, but if I did intend it, it would have been a good one! #DadJoke).

Huge ‘Thank You’ to the team at Orbital for supporting me with a free Galaxy. You can find out more about their worldwide Team fun virtual online facility here and you can also sign up for free.

It’s free to join and I’m happy to give feedback. I’ve presented all over the world from intimate, invite-only events to an audience of 9 million on the BBC. So I know all about nerves! I’m happy to use the experience to help others.

As aside, Collab Summit have been pleased to continue my presentations there, and I look forward to seeing everyone in Dusseldorf on 29th November. It’s been too long!

My get-together is free and anyone can join online. Check it out in your timezone here. The session is not recorded.

You can join the event here.

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