Wondering how to train your team for the Analytics you want in your organisation? Look at PASS BA Conference

Whether you’re starting up an Analytics team in your organisation, there are more available positions than ever – and not enough people to fill them! Todd Nevins, cofounder and director of marketing and media relations at job site icrunchdata, noted the site’s “Big Data Jobs Index” surpassed half a million last week.

How do you get people with the skills to do analytics roles, given the skills shortage? How do you build loyalty whilst keeping up with demand for the Analytics skills?

The skills are wide-ranging. Creativity, curiosity, communication, problem solving, maths, programming, stats, business experience…. How can you hire someone who has all of these?
One route is to ‘grow your own’. Harness the enthusiasm in your team, and be the leader who leads, not the boss who drives.

Attending the PASS BA Conference is one way to give your team members the experience of the diversity and breadth of Analytics, and expose them to a range of business and technical sessions which are geared towards the organic role of the Analytics professional.
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