Setting up an online time capsule for your children, using OneDrive

I’ve set up an online time capsule for my son, which constitutes all my photos of him and us together.

The death of Peaches Geldof prompted me to think about what would happen if/when I die? What memories would my son have of me? I see from the news that Peaches Geldof took a lot of family photos. 
Like most people, I have a lot of CD, DVD drives etc with lots of photos and videos on them. I doubt someone would take the time to go through all of these media drives for photos; certainly, I never bother.

I didn’t want those photos and memories to be lost. Since my son and I do a lot together, there are a lot of photos of him but not so many of us together, because I am the one holding the camera. I am going to change that. I’ve decided that I will ask passers-by to take our photographs together more so we have photos together.

How did I set up my online time capsule? So what I have done is this:

– I’ve set up a OneDrive account for my son, with an email address and a password which I have given to him. Go to for your free account.
– I’m going through all those hard drives, flashes, old phones etc with photos on them
– I am categorising them roughly by date, and creating a folder for each year.
– I’m then uploading all the photos, by year, onto OneDrive using my son’s email address and password.
– I have also done the same for my father. He is my backup.

It’s a gift that never stops giving 

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