Photos from SQLRally Nordic in Stockholm

As you know, I recently presented at SQLRally in Sweden. I don’t normally post photographs, but I thought that some of you might like to see what it was like! This blog is just a bit of fun and I’ll wait and see what you think of my ‘off-topic’ blog!

In a previous life, I used to work in Stockholm, so returning to Sweden was very exciting for me. Although it was great to be back, on the previous evening, I had walked around Stockholm with Dave Ballantyne. For SQL folks in the UK, Dave will need no introduction, but in case you’d like to see some of his presentations for SQLBits, please take a look here

As you can see here, the conference centre at Aronsborg was waiting to receive us. It tickled me to see that we were the ‘mightiest SQL Server and Business Intelligence in Midgaard’! Here are some photos from the Conference Centre that give a flavour of our welcome:




I had work to do whilst I was in Stockholm, so I made use of the Regus office in Stockholm for the day. No time for sightseeing, I’m afraid! As a coffee-drinking workaholic, the occasional use of their business lounges suits me. I have a weakness for Nespresso! There is one near my home. I’ve got a TripIt membership and a 10-visit Gold pass, which means I can use their business lounges anywhere in the world. Here are some photos of their lounge: 


Sometimes people ask me how I fit it all in, and the truth is that I work everywhere I go, and squeeze something in as often as I can. Therefore, the occasional use of a business lounge, wherever I am, is very helpful in keeping things ticking over.

It means I don’t ‘smell the roses’ but I love my work so much, it is my passion! It makes me happy.

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