SQLPass SQLRally Nordic – a Viking treasure!

I’ve been at SQLRally Nordic this November, and I’ve had a fantastic experience. I hope that they will organise this event again! Here are some highlights:

High quality sessions from a variety of speakers on various subjects, including a presence from the SQLCat team such as Alexei Khalyako, Mark Souza (who is also a PASS Director), Thomas Kejser and Tobias Thernström. 

Business Intelligence experts such as Peter Myers, Chris Webb, Peter Myers, Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari all gave sessions.  We also had a precon from Itzik Ben-Gan and Tim Peterson. Johan Ahlen – chief organiser – also gave a session in Business Intelligence.

It was also great to see long-serving MVPs support the event, so many thanks to Aaron Bertrand and the Quest team, supported by Kevin Kline. I’d also like to thank Johan Ahlen for his hard work in organising the event. I am sure that there were plenty of others who helped, whom I didn’t come across – but their hard work was visible because SQLRally Nordic went flawlessly. Well done everyone!

The event wasn’t all ‘work and no play’! There was a party in the evening, and if you’re interested in seeing what the Swedish IT Computing press made of the event, please do visit their site here.

We also had a WIT lunch, and it was great to have this facility where people could network and contribute. We talked on a number of subjects, and our main focus was on how we could individually mentor and support people as they progress through their IT and professional careers. It wasn’t a ‘pity party’ attitude at all! The main focus was to allow people to connect and network if they wished. I’d personally like to thank Simran Jindal and Johan Ahlen for facilitating the ‘Women in IT’ lunch.

I enjoyed giving my session in data visualisation. There was a very strong presence in business intelligence delegates, and I love meeting other Business Intelligence fanatics in order to share experiences! The Swedish delegates were very friendly, and they made the event very special with their welcome.

As a final note, the event was duly supported by a number of sponsors, and if you’d like to see the list, then you can find the sponsor details here

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