Data Visualisation and SQL Server Blethering in July

In the Scots language, a ‘blether’ is someone who likes the sound of their own voice. I will be speaking at four events in July, so I’m sure I qualify as a blether! In case anyone’s interested, here are the details of the events:

I will be speaking at the Tableau UK User Group on 5th July. Stephen Few is presenting, and he’s the best presenter I have ever seen (and I’ve attended lots of presentations). I’ve volunteered to go straight after Stephen which is brave since he’ll have set the standard for presentations extremely high, and I won’t compare! To Register, visit our Tableau User Group site.

I am speaking at a SQLPass Performance Webinar on the visualisation of the data contained in the Microsoft Management Data Warehouse using SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2. This takes place on July 5th, after the Tableau event, and the registration details can be found here. This event sponsored by Confio

I will be speaking on Data Visualisation and SQL Server Reporting Services at the South Wales SQL Server UG July 14th Cardiff. To get more details, and to register, please visit the SQL Server User Group site.

On 21st July, I am also speaking at the Manchester SQL Server User Group but the details aren’t up on the site yet. The topic will be the data visualisation of the data in the Management Data Warehouse again, and the link to the site is here

Wish me luck!
Jen x

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