Collective Intelligence, Diversity

Ledface Crowd Funding Initiative

I recently blogged about Collective Intelligence and its application to the SQL Server Community in particular. I mentioned one initiative by Ledface, who are trying to build an online community that will leverage cultural intelligence to answer questions from individuals. Ledface has a very specific goal: to enable people to tap into collective intelligence to answer everyday queries and problems. The Ledface team regard it as new kind of social network in which people interact with each other indirectly, sharing knowledge through Ledface. 
The Ledface team are relying on crowdfunding to get their efforts off the ground. I’ve put the link below. Please note, however, that I’m not officially associated with Ledface in any way, and if you do decide to crowdfund them, then that’s between you and the Ledface team.

Ledface interests me because its emphasis is on social networks to answer questions, rather than a straightforward Google search. It would be good if it is successful, and I wish the Ledface team the best of luck!

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