Please help me with my postgrad business qualification by completing a survey on Ethical AI toolkits!

The survey is now closed!

Thank you for helping me with my research! Your answers will help me with my postgraduate business degree. You don’t need to use a corporate account and I will never sell, share or distribute your data. The purpose of the research is to complete my thesis for (another one of ) my postgrad qualifications. I am researching current ethical AI toolkits used in business to build a theoretical framework for the research. I’ll be looking at questions such as: What are the current state and future directions of the ethical toolkit research? Are ethical toolkits required? What are the alternatives? Do ethical toolkits help businesses, and how?

If you would like a summary of the responses, please email me is S1552964 [at] uni [dot] cumbria [dot] ac [dot] uk and I will send a summary in September 2022 once my course is completed and I’ve had feedback from my academic supervisor.

Will you help me by filling in a few (totally anonymous) questions? I’d also appreciate your thoughts at the email address given above.

Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate it very much. You are helping me to fulfil a lifetime ambition and I am grateful.


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