Top Innovations in SQL Server 2019: Artificial Intelligence

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At Data Relish, we have been eagerly waiting for SQL Server 2019 for some time and here are our top innovations to watch out for! 

SQL Server 2019 now has inbuilt Artificial Intelligence

SQL Server  includes built-in AI capabilities to enable a comprehensive analytics and AI solution for all a company’s data needs.One example is the ability to combine structured and unstructured data in SQL Server with Big Data Clusters. This innovation combines SQL Server with the Apache Spark and HDFS built into the SQL Server engine.   

What does this mean for businesses?

Businesses can now streamline their Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics with SQL Server 2019.

Having a ‘one stop shop’ means that it is easier to support, maintain and grow these initiatives in the organization. 

For organizations that still need to keep their data on-premises, SQL Server can be at the heart of initiatives for on-premises AI and BIg Data Analytics. If you are fed up of being blocked because you can’t move to the cloud, here is your answer.

Make your Data and Insights Dance!

Being data-driven isn’t enough; we have to think about being human-centred and insights-driven, too. This involves cultural shifts in the organization.

In Azure Data Studio, we now have a great data visualization tool. Azure Data Studio has a built-in Jupyter notebook experience to allow you to access, explore, manipulate, visualize, and model against the built-in Apache Spark experience for SQL Server Big Data Clusters. But that’s not all – you can use it with the native SQL Server engine too. 

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Credit: Microsoft Azure Data Studio wtih SandDance for data visualization. Microsoft (

It’s great to see AI, Big Data and data visualization all come together in SQL Server 2019. To get started, download here

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