Jen Stirrup Features in SAP Ariba’s ‘3 Trillion Reasons’


We are so excited and honoured to be featured in SAP Ariba’s ‘3 Trillion Reasons’ campaign! Their video, shot at SAP Ariba Live, is being released in conjunction with SAP Ariba CMO’s involvement at the Partner Better event in NYC, in celebration of the UN General Assembly. Data Relish’s Jen Stirrup was an integral part of the campaign, contributing her thoughts, alongside many other SAP Ariba Live attendees, on the many reasons to help the world spend better. 

The ‘3 Trillion Reasons’ campaign is inspired by and associated with the UN General Assembly environment event. In the midst of a global climate crisis, every business needs to be getting involved and thinking about how they can help become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The monumental efforts of the amazing young people at the forefront of the global climate campaign need to have the support of businesses behind them.

SAP Ariba want to use their campaign to encourage a more globally-inclusive way of spending. There are ‘3 Trillion Reasons’ to help the world spend better, and these reasons span all sorts of scales, from the more business-focussed to the global. A globally-inclusive way of spending has the potential to change lives.

You can find the video here – .

Use the hashtag #SAPAriba to get involved and contribute your own thoughts on how to help the world spend better.

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