Diversity Charter

For those of you looking for the Diversity Charter effort, you need to go here: https://diversitycharterblog.wordpress.com/

It is a team effort, not just me!

I’d love to see a Diversity Charter that user groups and communities could use, to show that they are welcoming and open to all members of the technical communities. I think that the charter could look something like this draft:

We believe that all members of the technical community are equally important.
We are part a tech community where we value a diverse network, and learn and share from one another:
regardless of age,
regardless of colour,
regardless of their ethnicity,
regardless of their religion or beliefs,
regardless of disability,
regardless of gender,
regardless of sexual orientation,
regardless of their race,
regardless of their ability or lack of ability,
regardless of nationality or accent.
We are a diverse tech community where we are all individuals with differences, but we are all members and we can all learn from each other.

I have other ideas:

  • A logo for the Charter. I have some ideas, but I’d be delighted for help
  • I have set up a Slack channel for people to discuss the Charter – please ping me on jen.stirrup@datarelish.com to find out more
  • I would love forums where people can ask questions and have community-led answers on how to be open and welcoming to people from different backgrounds. No question is a stupid question. The main thing is that you are talking about it with enquiry and openness in mind, in order to understand other people better. Nobody can fault you for having a kind heart that is trying to learn.


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