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The Data Analysts Toolkit Day 2: Installing R and R Studio

In this topic, we will look at the installation of R and RStudio as part of our R and Power BI Data Analysts Toolkit.
Why use RStudio as well as R?
Simply put, it is suitable for the enterprise and it is also open-source. It makes R easier to use and to troubleshoot.
RStudio is a tool which helps you to be more productive with R. It helps you with the command line to see your code better. It keeps your history nicely.
You can find more details of RStudio here.
Installation of R
The installation of R itself is very easy.  The online manual is here.
For those of you who want the potted version for installing R on Windows:
Go to the official R site
Go to the Mirrors page to look for your nearest location
Assuming you use Windows, you can start the download from here 
You can then download the R file
When it is downloaded, put it in a safe place and execute the exe.
Then you are done!
Installation of RStudio
We simply want the desktop version of RStudio, which you can get here on this page
The free version of RStudio can be found here on this page, which takes you through to the RStudio download page. You can then work out which is most appropriate for your system.

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