Systems Thinking and Data Science: a partnership or a competition?

Systems Thinking and Data Science: a partnership or competing interests?

Why do organizations get stuck with their data? It is such a fundamental question. Often, this problem can be due to the organization concentrating solely on technology and data. However, organizations can be supported by a synergistic approach by integrating systems thinking with the data strategy and technical perspective. 

Motivating Teams and Individuals: Reward Systems

What is the main interest of managers in motivation?​ Managers and Leaders need to work on motivation in order to achieve objectives for the organisation and the team​. The aim should be to change employees’ motivations from what they are, to what the manager wants them to be (Purcell et al, 2003)​ Therefore, it is related to performance. Performance is behaviour​ because you are doing something. Concepts of performance involve ‘levels’ of performance and ‘quality’ of performance​, which means that performance is linked to measurement​. Therefore, motivation is key to achieving good performance.