Live Blog of SQLPass Summit 2013

I am live blogging to please refresh for the latest news.

Welcome to PASS Summit, where #SQLServer and #BusinessIntelligence professionals meet, network, learn and share. 

Bill Graziano kicked off on stage for SQLPASS Summit 2013,  for #sqlserver and #BusinessIntelligence professionals. Welcome! The actual live schedule is here  People from all over the world are engaging with the keynote to connect, share and learn.

08:30 SQLSaturday video shown, using Power Map. First non-US event was in Lisbon, Portugal. 

08:31 SQLPass Passion Award winner is @amy_lewisAZ Wow! Well deserved! Wonderful example of volunteering and leadership. 

08:33 You can read about the PASSion Award here. As the winner of the SQLPass Passion Award winner for 2012, this has special meaning for me!

08:38 Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft Data Platform Group, Quentin Clark on #SQLPass #Summit13 keynote. Watch live.

08:40 Thanks to whoever is choosing the music playlist for #SQLPass #Summit13 Awesome choice of beats.

/* Live tweet of commentary from Quentin Clark, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Data Platform Group */

08:43 A story of transformation: on-premises to cloud. Analogous to bricks and mortar to Internet shopping.

08:44 A year of innovation: Office, Windows Azure and SQL Server. Power BI, HDInsight, #SQLServer14 preview

08:46 Today’s Announcement: SQL Server 2014 CTP2 being released. Standby for download links

08:49 SQLServer2014 – transformational in-memory performance. No need to rewrite existing apps. Interated into the core engine.  Maximise industry-standard hardware.

08:51 Real-time inventory and insights. In-memory analytics and Excel. Updateable in-memory columnstore. In-memory OLTP

08:52 Tracy Dougherty is onstage. He’s at the helm of SQL Server 2014. 

08:53  Download the SQLServer 2014 CTP2 Preview: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2)

08:57 Download #SQLServer14 download on premise and Windows #Azure version #sqlpass #Summit13

09:02 Backup to Windows Azure Tool for ALL the versions of SQL Server that Microsoft support.  Demo now follows. 

09:09 Backup to both systems, to the cloud and onprem. This is awesome stuff. Specify directory path and file types that you want to capture.  The storage location in Azure credentials, and then the type of encryption and compression that you want. Install that on the system, and then you go to your backups, and it just works. 

09:10 Gah! network has gone down. Just keep truckin’ on, people.

09:15 We’re baaack!

09:16 Pushing the boundaries: cloud-based App is mission critical. A next generation solutions built on Azure DB.  Application is successful and scales.

Redefining mission critical in the cloud.

SQL Database Web and Business:

Highly scalable
Cost-effective, managed

SQLDatabase Premium preview :

Predictable performance
Business-critical capabilities

Scale and performance. Customer has a safety blanket for scalability and security. 

09: 18 Sometimes information isn’t in the businesses’ control Making it easier to deal with #BigData. Query all data.

  • Windows Azure HDInsight – simplify Hadoop projects
  • DW Virtual Machine in Windows aZURE – accelerate data warehousing 
  • PDW with PolybasE – combine structured and unstructured data

09:25 Real time insights for everyone – pushing the boundaries

09:26 I just got my ‘Love your Data’ ribbon from Karen (@Datachick) Very happy!

09:27 Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map, Power BI Q&A, and Power BI sites. News coming up. 

09:31 @kamalh onstage now. ‘We respect the privacy of our users, unlike some other companies out there…’ oooh! Fighting talk. He has led the Microsoft BI Unit for years so listen up people. 

Kamal is doing a demo in Power Query. We are doing Online Search in Excel 2013. I showed this facility off yesterday in my joint Big Data precon with Allan Mitchell.  

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