Why I asked Microsoft to close the MCM Connect case.

Follow up from last blog: I have asked Microsoft to CLOSE this Connect case regarding the MCM certification. My decision – not anyone else’s.

Unfortunately I have been driven to this decision by a minority who have been making personal criticisms of SQL community members.
The point of the Connect case was to try and facilitate giving community members a voice in the on-going discussion; I did not think that it would be an excuse for some to show disrespect to other community members. Needless to say I’m extremely disappointed by the behaviour of some individuals.

On the other hand, I have been inspired by the strength and uprightness of other people who have been targeted, and have responded with the dignity and grace which I know is at the core of the vast majority of SQL Server community members. My faith in the good hearts of the community is not dented. I will update more later.

To those affected, who work for Microsoft and others who are SQL community members: please accept my full apologies that the Connect case turned out in this manner. I truly believed that I was helping communication. I never expected this behaviour and was unprepared for it.

My intention was to help and I am sorry for the upset and unnecessary trouble that this has caused. I will sincerely apologise in person, if/when I meet you and I hope that you will accept my apology from here in the UK, until then.

The trolls have won the day by forcing the closure of this call. My email address is jenstirrup [at] jenstirrup [dot] com if people feel the need to troll.

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