MCM Connect: Please stay constructive. Let the clever people shine through.

Recently, I raised a Connect item about the MCM program.
Please, let’s continue to debate with professionalism, dignity, insights and, above all, grace.
The point of the Connect item was to have a constructive debate about the demise of the MCM program. I felt it was a good way for people to feedback to Microsoft openly and freely about their views, either for or against the decision.

I believe that the MCM community has smart, clever dedicated people in it, and I hoped to consolidate that Community – plus the wider MCM community in SharePoint, Exchange etc – so the viewpoints could be made visible. By throwing it out to the open, I believed that the Community would have good ideas and insights about the Program that Microsoft may not have considered. I value the genius in the Community.

However, I have been utterly disappointed that my noble? naïve? venture started to descend to personal criticisms on individuals in the Community and who work for Microsoft. This was not my intention at all. This turn of events was not what I expected from people from a Community that I respect. I speak as an individual, and as someone who has been fortunate enough to hold the MVP Award for SQL Server for the past three years.

I would ask that the commentary remains professional or constructive. If it does not, I will speak to Microsoft about closing the Connect case, and you can thank the trollers who have forced me towards this course of action.

If people want to troll, my email address is jenstirrup [at] jenstirrup [dot] com and you can come and find me. I will absorb poison if it means that it is deflected away from my #SQLFamily.
I hope that the genuine people and great ideas and debate won’t be drowned out by trolls. They deserve better.

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