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Women in Technology event at SQLSaturday Exeter

We are excited to announce that, on March 9th, the SQLSaturday Exeter is having a ‘Women in Technology Unplugged’ session, in recognition of InternationalWomens’ Day. The session will be held over lunchtime and if you’d like to take a look at the agenda and register for the SQLSaturday event, please click here.
 Our topic for discussion is ‘Networking for Techies’ and we’ll have an informal chat over coffee in the Community Corner. Come and join other interested people to build personal connections, and gain insights via our informative discussion. Attendees will share insights and experience, stimulate new ideas and have an engaging discussion! Topics include:

·        How to use LinkedIn?
·        Does ‘speed networking’ work?
·        How to network at technical events?
·        Ice-breakers?

 If you’re interested in learning about how to network better, please join us for this facilitated discussion and find ways in which to move your career to the next stage.

This is a ‘Women in Technology’ session but ‘Men in Technology’ are very welcome, too!

 We look forward to seeing you there.

If you are interested in other International Womens’ Day events, please take a look at their site. There is a lot going on!


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