SQLPass Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter References and Slides

Thank you to everyone who attended my SQLPass Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter webinar! I have lots of questions to follow up, from both during and after the event. Please watch this space for more responses to questions over the next few days, and I will try to ensure that I answer every question. The slides are at the bottom of this blog post.

I’ve provided references below to some of the Data Visualisation people and material that I mentioned today. I hope that these are useful to you.

Ben Schneiderman – Ben’s Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design is an interesting read. In the presentation, I refer to one of Schneiderman’s essays, “The Eyes have it.” The guideline is summarise -> zoom and filter -> details-on-demand, and is known as the ‘Visual Information-Seeking Mantra’. 

Stephen Few – Stephen has written a number of books, which you can find at his site – there is a wealth of information there! If you’re a fan of data visualisation, then you should consider his blog, Perceptual Edge, a must-read. In particular, I’d like to shout out the following books:

Malcolm Gladwell – Malcolm has a great deal of interesting things to say on a whole range of topics, and I’m never going to be able to introduce him properly. 

Hans Rosling – What I love about Rosling’s work, is that he highlights health and social factors, poverty and health. This is data visualisation in action, to help people in poor circumstances – the sort of people who cannot always read what is written about them. He promotes a ‘fact-based’ world view on these issues. The YouTube video of Rosling’s data visualisation is below, which was made by BBC4. 

I should add that I’m not in any way associated with this video – but I get asked about it a lot, so I’ve embedded it here from YouTube. 

Here are the slides from today. I look forward to your comments, and I will answer the remaining questions in due course.


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  1. I watched your presentation live. Thanks for sharing – the presentation was useful and interesting.

    One topic I would like to hear more about is closing that gap from long data refresh cycles to the new user expectation of fresh (15 minute) data.

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