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SQLBitsis the largest European community conference, dedicated to Microsoft SQL Server. This SQLBits is going to be extra-special, however: it is the UK Technical Launch for SQL Server 2012, and is held on 29th – 30thMarch. So if you’re interested in the new SQL Server – and who isn’t? – then you better register quick. If you haven’t been before, the event involves a series of quality sessions focusing on various aspects of SQL Server, ranging from hard-core DBA beefy subjects right through to end-user topics. It’s fair to say that there is something for everyone who has an interest in SQL Server.
There are preconference events, which are paid-for, and free community events on the Saturday. I’ve been privileged to hold two preconferences now, one on Data Visualisation, and the other on Sharepoint Business Intelligence. I’ve also been privileged to conduct general one-hour sessions on Reporting Services at SQLBits 7, and Data Visualisation at SQLBits 8, and one on Mobile Business Intelligence on the iPad at SQLBits 9. You are most welcome to download the presentations from Slideshare, which you can do here.  I’ve registered to do the full three days at SQLBits.
You’re probably wondering why I would pre-pay for a precon without the full list being published yet? Basically, I want to pick their brains of the Microsoft SQL Server product teams for a whole day and the SQLBits precon are the best way for me to do just that. 
I feel that the SQLBits precon are an opportunity to ‘touch’ Microsoft Product teams. I believe that, by attending a precon from the Microsoft SQL Server Product teams, there is no better way of getting the real information, straight from the people who manage, run and write SQL Server as well as direct and shape its future. Basically, these are the people who know SQL Server inside out – because they make SQL Server. I would love to spend a day with the Product teams to listen to what they have to say and quiz them on relevant issues. I want to hear them. This is particularly the case where there is a new SQL Server version coming out; I want to make sure I get every detail possible!
There is always room for unscripteddiscussion with the Microsoft SQL Server Product teams. Sometimes I find that the ‘value add’ from a course comes from the unscripted discussion from the presenters. That’s the golden stuff for me, and that’s why I’ll be attending one of the precons. I don’t know which one yet so it is pot luck! However, I’ll be there and I cannot wait!
See you there!

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