#TSQL2SDAY 96 – Folks Who Have Made a Difference

This post is part of TSQL Tuesday, a monthly blog party. This month’s topic is “Folks Who Have Made a Difference”, by Ewald CressHere is my first TSQL Tuesday in a long time – way too long, actually.


Diversity is so important to me; tech community is a place for people to grow and there are plenty of good hearts in it. I want everyone to feel welcome, really.

The reason that I got into community was that I attended my first ever community event, SQLBits in Birmingham. I was nervous and ready to leave when this super friendly guy came up to me, explained he worked for Microsoft and he chatted away and basically he made me stay for the next session.

He sat with me through the lightning talks session and he made me feel welcome. He’d gathered up a few ‘strays’ like me and I had a really nice day; and it helped me to go back.

thanks-1804597_1920That gentleman was Andrew Fryer and I have never forgotten his kindness and he’s inspired me ever since. Andrew probably doesn’t even remember, and it may have been a little thing to him. But for me, it was huge and it helped change my life. If we can all do ‘small’ things like this, they add up, right?

If it wasn’t for Andrew saying hello that day, I would have left and never gone back to any events, probably. So I want to say Thank You to Andrew for reaching out that day, and for all of his support ever since.



An MVP for 7 years – what’s next?



Well, it’s been a hard year, for a number of reasons, but I appear to have come out the other side.

Looking forward, what comes next?

New things!


As some of you know, I care deeply about diversity in technology.

I have set up a Diversity Charter Slack channel to encourage user group leaders to talk about diversity and how we can encourage user group leaders to think about these issues.

I have set up an effort to have a Diversity Charter that user groups can use. I need help with things like logos, thoughts on a website and so on – so please do help if  you can!

The Diversity Charter looks like this, so far:

We believe that all members of the technical community are equally important.
We are part a tech community where we value a diverse network, and learn and share from one another:
regardless of age,
regardless of colour,
regardless of their ethnicity,
regardless of their religion or beliefs,
regardless of disability,
regardless of gender or sexual orientation,
regardless of their race,
regardless of their ability or lack of ability,
regardless of nationality or accent.
We are a diverse tech community where we are all individuals with differences, but we are all members and we can all learn from each other.

I look forward to your thoughts. Please do join my Slack channel diversitycharter.slack.com/ or ping me an email at diversity@datarelish.com in order to get an invite.

I will continue to help share my knowledge through blogging, writing, speaking, presenting, and increase my online presence. At heart, I am a content producer. It’s what I do, and it’s what I love.

I will continue working hard on the PASS Board. I just attended a Board meeting, which took place two nights during the week in the PST timezone. I am based in the GMT timezone, so I had a few very late nights or very early mornings, depending on your view. My recent focus is as a ‘trusted advisor’ capacity so I am helping to drive the new developer initiatives and business analytics initiatives in a strategic manner.

To keep the community fresh, I will continue to try to help to develop other community leaders. I have nominated a lot of people for the MVP Award this year, including David Moss,  Tomaz Kastrun and other people that I won’t mention, because they weren’t successful this time.