Tableau Blogger Competition

Tableau have set up a data visualisation competition. Jerome Cukier posted an entry, and Andrew Cogreave has commented here

I echo Andy’s comments – I think that Jerome has done a great job. Andy has already commented so I will refer you to his site for details. I would only add a few things:

– I would change the title background for each title from grey to White. This reduces the amount of ink used on the page, since the grey title background doesn’t add anything to data story.
– I might add a ‘business question’ to each chart. The ‘business’ question is a phrase that points out the meaning of the chart. This can help people to understand the purpose of the chart.
– overall, I would add a business question to the dashboard. This focusses the design of the dashboard, to formulate well.

To see an example of these points, take a look at my Microsoft Denali Connect dashboard for an example of these points.

I think that Jerome has done a great job!

Good luck to all tableau Competition entrants.

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