Configuration Files in Reporting Services 2008

SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 has a number of useful configuration files. These are listed here. For clarity, I’ve missed the ‘.config’ extension from the following files information:

Configuration File

File Description


Main configuration file for Report Server web part and Report Manager.


Policy Settings for the Report Server web service


Policy Settings for Report Manager application


Policy settings for server extensions


Trace and Logging settings for the Report Server service


Configuration settings for rendering devices for Report Designer


ASP.NET settings for Report Server and Report Manager

The main configuration file for SSRS 2008 is the RSReportServer file. The settings in the Configuration Manager are stored in this file. This should not be regarded as a replacement for the Configuration Manager, however, because the Configuration Manager performs steps such as creating virtual directories, which are not covered in the configuration file. The security settings for SSRS 2008 can be found in RSSrvPolicy and RsMgrPolicy.

Note that this file has changed from SQL Server 2005, which used RSWebApplication and is deprecated for SQL Server 2008. To add this post to Twitter, please click here

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