Adopting Enterprise AI at Scale – Can It Be Done?

How do you adopt AI at scale?

We are holding a tweetchat with @CIOStraightTalk on a timely topic – “How do you adopt AI at scale?”. It’s clear that enterprise AI has become a key driver of digital innovation. AI is central to enterprise digital and continuous transformation plans. AI has shown its utility during the pandemic. For instance, KPMG found that four out of five large businesses rely on it in some way

For many organisations, it has proven difficult to scale AI capabilities successfully across the enterprise. Many business leaders worry about moving too fast in the adoption of enterprise AI. Other business leaders don’t know the direction to travel for successful AI scaling. It is hard to see an effective means to widespread adoption of AI for the enterprise. Above all, it is also difficult to provide EVA or ROI (RONA, ROCE, ROIC) on AI in a way that shareholders and business teams will understand easily. To conclude, AI has to involve the whole business, because it involves data.

Our principal, Jen Stirrup, is delighted to join a panel of distinguished technology executives, subject matter experts and industry thought leaders. Join us for the chat on May 27, 2021, 11:00 A.M. – Noon ESDT. Tomorrow’s Tweet chat will tap the collective insights of the panel on what enterprises can do to successfully adopt AI. Join us for a lively discussion on this interesting topic.

In conclusion, we are pleased to join the tweetchat and look forward to your questions, interactions and comments. Please follow @datarelish, @jenstirrup and @CIOStraightTalk and we look forward to being on this tweetchat journey with you.

Enterprise AI at scale with Jen Stirrup

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