Welcome to #MakeYourDataWorkMonday! Regular free 'surgery hours' to help you with your data

Welcome to Make Your Data Work Monday! The Data Relish team and I are holding AMA ‘ Ask Me Anything ‘ weekly surgery hour slot to help organisations to Make Your Data Work. These will take place every Monday at different weekly time slots. Registration details are at the bottom of this post.

We will talk about Power BI, Excel, Azure, and SQL. Bring your questions! If I can’t help, then I may know someone who can help. I have a good network that I have built up over many years of consulting and I can put you in touch with the right people.

I bet people are at home, struggling with their data and need help. I also love talking about data, and I don’t want to be anti-social during this difficult time. So it makes me less lonely when I help people.

The sessions are free, and all you need to do is bring your remote self! Every Monday, we will cover a common data problem in Tableau, Power BI, SQL or the Azure cloud. We will work our way through it. We will focus on Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. So there will be plenty of things to talk about!

The beauty of the session is that you can bring your own data problems and ask away! If I can’t cover it in the session, we can schedule some time separately to go through it.

Many people are working from home now, due to the virus. I am keen to help people to stay healthy, and I am also keep to help them with their data. I bet plenty of people are struggling at home with their data, so don’t be afraid to join this session and learn something practical and useful that will help you to get through this difficult time. 

You’ll need to register below for the each session. 

The first session is on March 30th at 8am. We are aware that timing may not suit everyone, so the session on 6th April is at 12.30pm. Then, on Monday 13th, we will move to 6pm. The timings will rotate, depending on feedback. Register below:

Register here for 30th March at 8am GMT

Register here for 6th April at 12.30pm GMT

Register here for 13th April at 6pm GMT

Note that we will never sell your data, pass it on, or sign you up to to our newsletter. In other words, we are not here to bug you. 

We are just here to make your data work. Register below for your sessions. You can attend one, or them all!

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