Stepping outside my ‘Techo’ Chamber: Personal and Professional Goals for 2020

For the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to grow in different ways. I have been trying to step out of my ‘techo’ chamber, and grow into becoming more like people who inspire me.

Masters of Business Administration 

I have completed all of the taught parts of the course, and I need to undertake a compulsory residential study on the topic of “Tackling Challenges in Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability”, and I am looking forward to it. Once that’s finished, I can start the dissertation piece. I am still deciding on the topic of the dissertation.  

Wider World View

I have subscribed to different global newspapers, and I read them daily. In this way, I am spending less time dwindling my brain on Facebook and other social media. I intend to become better read and more sensitive to issues around the world.  

Read More, and Read Better

I have signed up for Penguin’s 2020 Reading Challenge so that I can read better, and read more widely. There is a theory that the word ‘penguin’ is one of the few Welsh words to edge into English (‘pen gwyn’, white head) so hopefully, that will help in your next pub quiz.

Learn Purposefully

I renewed my certification as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I intend to pass more Data Science and Business Intelligence exams. I digest information thoroughly when I learn with purpose. 

I hope that inspires you to reflect on your own goals. Please feel free to insert your blog posts in the comments. I’d love to see what you have to say, and I’d like to learn from you too. 

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