Azure AZ101 Checklist of Materials

Here is my checklist of Azure infrastructure handy materials that I use for AZ101 students as homework or additional class learning. I was asked for this by one of my students and I thought I’d share it here. The focus here is on just some of the topics and it is not exhaustive:

  • Azure Migrate
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery

Azure Migrate

Currently, you can only create an Azure Migrate project in West Central US or East US region. However, this does not impact your ability to plan your migration for a different target Azure location. The location of the migration project is used only to store the metadata discovered from the on-premises environment.​

Create an Azure Migrate project 

Reference on how to Create an Azure Migrate Project

Current Limitations on creating a project in Azure Migrate

Geography Storage location
Azure Government US Gov Virginia
Asia Southeast Asia
Europe North Europe or West Europe
United States East US or West Central US

Creating a Collector

Download the collector appliance

Create the Collector VM

Run the collector to discover VMs

Assessing Migration Readiness

Assessing VM Size

Troubleshooting Readiness Issues and Common Errors

Costing Considerations

Reviewing the VM Sizing

Other useful nuggets

Azure Migrate FAQ

Videos for Migrating Servers to Azure

Channel 9 video on how to migrate your applications and workloads to the cloud.
Microsoft Mechanics video on how to discover, assess and migrate Windows and Linux virtual machines from VMware to Azure.
Microsoft Channel 9 video on Azure Migrate with Michael Leworthy and Lindsay Berg of the Product Team

Azure Site Recovery

Overview of Azure Site Recovery and Site Recovery Pricing

Getting Ready for Azure Site Recovery

Prepare Azure Reference

Prepare on-premises Hyper-V servers for disaster recovery to Azure

Tutorial: Prepare Azure resources for replication of on-premises machines

Tutorial: Azure resources for replication of Hyper-V machines

Azure Storage Reference

Deployment Planner

Site Recovery Deployment Planner for Hyper-V to Azure

Analyze the Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner Report

Recovery Services overview

Troubleshooting remote desktop connection after failover using ASR

Completing Migration

Enable replication

Excluding disks from the replication process

Add a group to a Recovery Plan

Add a script or manual action to a Recovery Plan

Tutorial: Setting up a replication policy

Recovery Plans

Failover in Site Recovery

Create and customize recovery plans

Test failover to Azure in Site Recovery

Run a failback for Hyper-V VMs

Add Azure Automation runbooks to recovery plans

Troubleshooting Hyper-V to Azure replication and failover

Set up disaster recovery to Azure for Hyper-V VMs using PowerShell and Azure Resource Manager

Videos for Azure Site Recovery


Azure Site Recovery Video Series

Video 1 Infrastructure Setup

Video 2 Enable protection for Hyper-V virtual machines

Video 3 Recovery Plan Test Failover, Planned Failover and Unplanned Failover to Azure

Video 4: Failover from Azure to on-premises (failback)

Video 5: Failback from Azure to On-Premises (VMWare)

Disaster Recovery

This section covers the five steps in the process to migrate VMware VMs to Azure: Configure the Infrastructure, Configure the vCenter Server, Protect the Virtual Machines, Configure Disaster Recovery (DR) and Failover, and Configure Failback.


Backing up Virtual Machines

Plan your VM backup infrastructure in Azure

Use the Azure portal to restore virtual machines

Tutorial: Back up and restore files for Windows Virtual Machines in Azure

Azure Virtual Machine PowerShell samples

Virtual Machine Architecture

Architectural Components

Azure Site Recovery pricing

Virtual Machine Replication

Replication Settings

Azure Database Migration Guide

Automatic update of the Mobility Service in Azure to Azure replication

Accelerated Networking with Azure virtual machine disaster recovery

Create a Windows virtual machine with Accelerated Networking

Set up disaster recovery for Azure VMs to a secondary Azure region


Troubleshoot Azure-to-Azure VM replication issues

Troubleshoot issues with the Azure Site Recovery agent

Troubleshoot issues with the Azure Site Recovery agent





























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