WinOps London 2019 Features #WomenInTech Track

WinOps 2019

Join experts at WinOps London 2019, for a full day of talks and sharings experiences about ‘DevOps in a Windows World’. There is also a full day of workshops on the first day of the conference, so you can gain real hands-on experience with some of the tools. This year’s WinOps London event features an exciting female speaker track, with six prominent women in tech sharing their expertise. 

Keynote speaker Barbara Forbes will host a session titled ‘Azure DevOps for the IT Pro’, which will cover the possibilities that Azure DevOps has to offer if you are an IT professional. Resources for teamwork, the various types of connections with Azure, and use cases for cloud engineers will be covered. There will be practical demonstrations and guidance on how to get started with Azure DevOps yourself.

Alanna Brown will give a talk on ‘Integrating Security with DevOps’. Brown works for Puppet and is the mastermind behind the State of DevOps Report, which has been the most widely referenced body of DevOps research available since it was launched in 2012. In her talk, Brown will examine and discuss the 2019 State of DevOps report and the benefits and challenges that it brings.

Theresa Miller, Principal Technologist of Cohesity, will give a talk on ‘The Practical Guide to Backing up your Hybrid Cloud Environment’. Miller will lead an in-depth discussion around native backup and recovery options in-cloud, and the challenges that arise with hybrid cloud deployments.

Phoummala Schmitt, Senior Cloud Ops Advocate at Microsoft, will lead a session titled ‘How to run with Scissors: Acceleration with guardrails for your cloud journey’. In this session, Schmitt will show how Azure Policy and Role Based Access are used to control resource and configuration and access in a way that is easy to control and won’t slow you down. She will also show how Azure Blueprints combines these settings and enforces governance across the Azure tenancy.

Sarah Lean will give a talk titled ‘From Pushing Server Cage Nuts to Pushing Code’. Lean works for Microsoft and aims to build resilient and reliable infrastructure using DevOps., Her session will focus on empowering IT professionals to begin their journey with Cloud and DevOps.

Karen Lopez (LinkedIn) Senior Project Manager at InfoAdvisors, will give a talk titled ‘Securing and Protecting Data in DevOps’, where she will cover a number of topics related to data security. These topics will include designing for data protection, implementing a data-safe development environment, securing data during development and in motion, and strengthening the DevOps culture of data protection and security.

10% of the available tickets are free to women and under-represented minorities in tech. So why not head over and register

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