Fixing ‘Could not create Directory’ in Azure WordPress installation of Elementor Pro

I have ported my Data Relish company website over to Azure. It isn’t finished yet, and I’m making the final touches. I’m using WordPress on Azure and it’s been good experience in understanding how the moving parts of Azure, Office 365 and WordPress all hang together.

In trying to update Elementor Pro, I got the following error message:

An error occurred while updating Elementor Pro: Could not create directory. elementor-pro/modules/assets-manager/asset-types/fonts

After some digging around, it turns out that this is due to the length of the directory name. The long filename was causing an issue, and sub-directories increased the length of the filename so they simply could not get created.

In order to sort the issue, you have to use the Windows Compatibility Fix

Once the Fix is applied, it’s possible to create directories, and the upgrade to the latest edition of Elementor Pro should proceed as expected.

I hope that helps you to fly farther with WordPress!

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