Past and Future of Self-Service Business Intelligence

I was very pleased to appear on the Izenda website along with five other Business Intelligence experts, discussing the past, present and future of self-service Business Intelligence. I was delighted and honoured to appear with luminaries such as Wayne Eckerson, John Myers, Kevin Smith, Rich Ghiossi, and Ron Powell.




Self-service Business Intelligence is a much larger topic than you might think, and it’s clear that some organizations who market themselves as ‘self-service’ aren’t really meeting the criteria. I recommend that you head over to the post in order to read it all.  I’m interested in the idea of self-service analytics as well as self-service business intelligence, and I do think that will become increasingly relevant as the industry matures.

Thank you to Izenda for having me along. Please let me know what you think; I look forward to your comments.



2 thoughts on “Past and Future of Self-Service Business Intelligence

  1. Amazing post! With BI, you can collect information or data within and outside the organization, helping you to work on loopholes by fixing them. BI enables transparency within the organization clearing out any chances of duplication and improving accuracy between departments. Having a record of useful, relevant information can be beneficial to the company’s progress.

    For an organization to succeed it is imperative to be aware of the consumer behavioral cycles, market, and buying trends – and with BI it is easy to derive such insights.

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