Jen’ Diary: Board Meeting, BA Marathon, PASS BA features on TechNetRadio!

Here’s another diary entry for my time on the PASS board. I don’t represent PASS officially here. I know it has been quiet but I am busy on PASS, work, and other community things such as SQLSaturday Edinburgh and TechDays UK. So far this year, I have had one night off! It’s 2.30am here in the UK and I’m churning out a blog, so I can’t be accused of shirking!

If you are attending Pass BA Conference and looking for a discount, please email me at and I have a discount code to give away.

I attended the PASS Board meeting in January, talking mainly about handing over the Virtual Chapters portfolio but the main focus of my time was the PASS BA Conference. We talked about our goals for the Portfolio, our progress so far, and our next steps. I also shared some marketing insights. I’m on the Program Committee, so I talked about our process for going out and getting the big names in the analytics industry – people who live and breathe analytics. It has been a lot of fun, but it has also been extremely hard work to get the right speakers. Our speaker list is here. We still have some names to release, so watch that space.

I’ve also been helping some of the sponsors with thoughts on their content and material. Hortonworks are going to put on a great session and you’ll get more details of that, in the future.

I also took part in the PASS BA Marathon. My session is here. Again, the PASS HA team did a great job of supporting this event and the sessions are extremely fresh. The speakers did an amazing job!

I was also part of the process in securing our amazing Day 2 keynote speaker, Mico Yuk. I have so many things to look forward to at PASS BA, and Mico’s session is a real highlight for me. Mico has many achievements, including one of the top 50 Analytic voices on Twitter. We are blessed to have her with us, and I can’t wait to hear her talk and to get to know her in person.

More good news! What did Microsoft’s Jen Moser, Jen Underwood and Miguel Martinez @sqljen @maikelson @idigdata say about the ‪#‎passbac‬ with TechNetRadio?

I’m so excited to be part of this opportunity to grow the business-focused data community, the data analyst, the business analyst, who works with data but doesn’t work in the IT department. It is a exciting growth in our approach and our fantastic speaker list reflects our vision about the emerging BA community and what they really want.

Miguel is correct; we worked hard to invite big name analytics speakers, and they are coming!

Listen here!

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