BAWeekender Roundup of PASS BA speaker activity and Quote of the week!

friday_happy_quotes_for_weekend[1]For the weekend, I thought you might enjoy some BA oriented weekend reading from our fantastic roundup of speakers at the PASS BA Conference. Here goes! This week, we are focusing on Power Bi articles in particular.

Blue Hill’s James Haight blogged on why the real promise of comes from applications But I’m particularly interested in James’ assessment of Enterprise BI and how Power BI fits in to the enterprise. This is particularly interesting because James covers all the bases – functionality, licensing, pricing and so on. Recommended read!

IBM and all around Big Data influencer James Kobielus blogged on The dev@ was in the details, and in my delivery James is a great speaker and his PASS BA Webinar for the BA Marathon was excellent and very well received. You can see it here.

Our keynote speaker, Mico Yuk of BIBrainz, tweeted out this link from Boris Evelson and his insightful discussion  on the Waterfall Methodology – Build An Organization:

It’s fair to say that the Internet went nuts over our choice of keynote speaker. We are truly delighted to have Mico along and the warm wishes are still rolling in! Here is the Chicago Times – BI Brainz Founder Mico Yuk Leading All-Star Speaker Lineup at PASS Business Analytics Conference.

Richard Lee, part of our Communicate and Lead track, is part of the #IBMDataHero hall of fame: Stories of challenges, wins & outcomes. You can see RIchard on the IBM Data Hero list here.

We end with our Quote of the Week! This comes from Bill Jelen, over Twitter. If you say you are starting with clean data, you are 100% lying” – overheard at Bill’s seminar. Amen to that!

Have a great weekend, folks!

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