Got questions over PASS Summit Selection? I’m happy to try and help.

I hold the PASS Board seat for Europe, so I would like to give Europeans in particular the chance to ask questions in their own time zone. I’m also happy to answer other people who may be awake very early or very late! The official post is here:


Therefore I would like to offer ‘surgery hours’:

 I am on Twitter now until midnight British Summer Time.

I will on Twitter tomorrow lunchtime from 12 – 2 British Summer Time in case anyone has any questions. This should give people time to read and digest the information.

My details:

 Twitter: @JenStirrup

I will also search for the hashtag ‪#‎SQLPass at the same time.


If you are not on Twitter, my email is and I will be pleased to help you if I can. I may have to direct your question elsewhere if I cannot answer it myself, but I will be pleased to try to help.


Over to you!

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