The ‘Accidental Business Intelligence Project Manager’ webinar details

The ‘Accidental Business Intelligence Project Manager’ by me!
  • You’ve watched the Apprentice with Donald Trump and Lord Alan Sugar. You know that the Project Manager is usually the one gets fired. 
  • You’ve heard that Business Intelligence projects are prone to failure. 
  • You know that a quick Bing search for ‘why do Business Intelligence projects fail?’ produces a search result of 25 million hits! 
  • Despite all this… you’re now Business Intelligence Project Manager – now what do you do? 
In this session, I will provide a ‘sparks from the anvil’ series of steps and working practices in Business Intelligence Project Management using experiences from delivering SQL Server technology based Business Intelligence solutions. 
What about waterfall vs agile? What is a Gantt chart anyway? Is Microsoft Project your friend or a problematic aspect of being a BI PM?
I will give you some ideas and insights that will help you set your BI project right: assess priorities, avoid conflict, empower the BI team and generally deliver the Business Intelligence project successfully!

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