Analysis Services Demystified video for the ‘need to learn it quickly’ Business Intelligence professionals

My Analysis Services Demystified video for the ‘need to learn it quickly!’ Business Intelligence professional has 60% off! Bargain with Packt Publishing

The video itself is for people who are suddenly landed with an Analysis Services project and need to get an overview of the technology very quickly.

Once they’ve had a look at this video, they could then move forward to one of my favourite Analysis Services books by Chris Webb, and the link is here. I pre-ordered this book before it came out, and it’s a great book.

I am very proud because it took a long time and many, many hours to produce. It’s not like writing a book, where you can hide away for a bit. The recordings demand total silence and even if there is nobody around, the world is quite a noisy place! Birdsong, which normally I love, suddenly plagued my recordings so it was hard to find really ‘quiet time’. My computer fan kicking off….. My neighbour’s television…. And the list goes on and on 🙂

I’d like to thank the team at Packt for their patience: Hyacintha, Shradda and the others. They know who they are!

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