Big Data for the Business Intelligence Professional SQLPass Summit Preconference Day

I’m delighted to announce that Allan Mitchell (blog ¦ twitter) and I are giving a Big Data for the Business Intelligence Professional preconference session at SQLPass Summit 2013 in Charlotte, NC.

What will we be covering?

What does Big Data mean for business intelligence professionals? Come see the “whats,” “hows,” and “whys” as this full-day pre-conference session demystifies Microsoft’s Big Data technology offerings. 
Microsoft has partnered with HortonWorks to bring Big Data into the hands of business users via their favorite BI tools: Power View, PowerPivot, and Excel. This session will cover both on-premise and Azure-based technologies, examining the Microsoft distribution of Hadoop through a range of technologies such as HDInsight, Hive, and Azure through to Excel, PowerPivot, and Power View. 
The first half of the session will be dedicated to the “what” and “how” of Hadoop, using HDInsight. With Hadoop comes a whole ecosystem of tools, and we’ll look at how to use them in a BI context to support users’ Big Data needs. We’ll also look in detail at MapReduce to parallelize complex Big Data queries across many servers. After you have Big Data, how are you going to serve it to business users to derive value for the enterprise? 
The second half of the session will be dedicated to the “why” of Big Data. We’ll visualize Big Data in our favorite BI tools: Excel, PowerPivot, and Power View.

Would you like to join us? 

We’d love to see you there! Visit the PASS Summit 2013 website for the latest updates.  You can also take advantage of early registration, so book now to register at $800 off the final registration rate by June 30.

What is SQLPass Summit? 

It is the conference which is the pinnacle of the SQL Server world, featuring over 125 hand-picked sessions to help data professionals advance their careers and make the most of their Microsoft SQL Server implementations. The conference takes place on October 15th – 18th.
Presentations across 6 tracks will cover everything from database administration best practices, new SQL Server features, and the latest database and application development techniques to what you need to know about building and managing effective BI solutions and being successful in the cloud.

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