Everything as a Service, whether you know it or not!

I’ve reposted this infographic from the Engine Yard. I often give presentations where I can see that there is some resistance to cloud. This resistance has a variety of roots, and here are some common themes that I encounter:

  • my boss will never put anything in the cloud
  • our data is too sensitive to put into the cloud
  • we can’t work out how much it will cost in advance

With respect to the first item, this is a trust issue. It is like a vicious cycle; they don’t try, so they don’t trust, so they don’t try…. and so on. However, people use the cloud all the time. They might not know that it’s the cloud, but it is there!

I’ve reposted this infographic here in order to show people that they are constantly using the cloud, whether they realise it or not. If it doesn’t appear properly, click here to go to the original.


Courtesy of: Engine Yard

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